Winton Memories/ softcover

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“Over the years I visited this part of Queensland regularly and was fascinated by the big sky country and the wide-open spaces. I love all of western Queensland but the Winton landscape has a special appeal. The Winton Shire is massive, it covers 54,000 square kilometers and every bit of the landscape is a photographer’s delight. You get to choose from unique landforms, the ghost of Banjo, the odd dinosaur, inviting long roads, exotic flora and fauna, and the good part; the light presents a constantly changing palette. Oh, I almost forgot, the main street is always full of interesting characters, both locals and visitors who don’t seem to mind posing for a snapshot.

“Winton sunsets must be seen to be believed. You can count on beauty every day. No two are ever the same. To get great photos all you must do is turn up and click your camera.

“I loved the place so much I moved to Winton back in 2014 and stayed for six years. These photos were collected during that time.” John Elliott, 2021

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