SONY DSCAlways a keen photographer and observer of the world around him John was introduced to a new level of appreciation of the natural world through his participation at one of a Ken Duncan’s Coastal Exposure Workshops.

” I was amazed by Ken’s love and passion for photography and his boundless energy when it came to seeking out a better shot then an even better shot again. He was, and is, truly inspirational, his enthusiasm is infectious.” Since that first introduction John has taken his own photography to a new level. Over the last decade he has criss-crossed Australia, had repeated trips to Africa, travelled to North and Central America and Europe and the Middle East.

John recently travelled to Costa Rica with a small group of photographers and was able to capture the absolutely stunning  Hummingbirds and other wildlife. As well as wildlife, John enjoys sport and landscape photography. For his wildlife images, John has received a number of awards both International and Australian.


  • One Silver in the 2014 NSW AIPP Awards
  • Two Gold in the 2013 Interantional Loupe Awards
  • One Silver in the 2013 International Loupe Awards
  • One Bronze in the 2013 International Loupe Awards
  • One Gold and two Silver awards at the NSW & ACT Australian Institute of Professional Photographers awards 2013
  • Three silver awards at the Australian Institute for Professional Photographers awards 2013
  • John was awarded the  NSW & ACT  Emerging Photographer of the Year for the Australian Institute for Professional Photographers in 2013
  • Two finalists in the Macquarie photography  prize for Science & Nature 2012/13
  • Three Silver and three Bronze in the International Loupe Awards, Science & Nature.  2012