Exhibiting at The Maud Street Photo Gallery - Terms & Conditions


1.1THE MAUD STREET PHOTO GALLERY (The Gallery) will coordinate the sale of works and undertake appropriate negotiations to maximise the sale of works.

1.2 The Gallery will promote the exhibition using information provided by The Exhibitor. The content/texts and designs of this material may be edited and created by The Gallery. The Gallery will use this material to promote the exhibition to the gallery’s electronic mailing list and web site.

1.3 The Gallery can supply gallery standard labels for the exhibition at no cost to The Exhibitor.

1.4a The Gallery reserves the right to remove exhibition items or cancel the exhibition at any time in exceptional circumstances, including when items are dangerous or offensive, or when the final presentation differs from original proposal.

1.4b The Gallery will not be held liable for any costs or damages arising from such cancellation and The Exhibitor agrees that no action will be taken against The Gallery because of such action.

1.5 The Gallery is equipped with slimline hanging tracks on walls, stainless steel wire/hook system. The Gallery also has available magnets for loose print hanging, 3M command strips can also be used but need to be supplied by the exhibitor. No pins into the walls are allowed.

1.6 The Gallery will provide itemised account for expenses and make payments to the Exhibitor for works sold, (less the commission) usually 1 week after conclusion of the exhibition.


2.1 The Exhibitor will ensure that any works to be exhibited are the creative work and intellectual property of The Exhibitor and that they are legally able to exhibit and sell the works.

2.2 The Exhibitor agrees that sale of the exhibited works will be through The Gallery. The Exhibitor agrees not to exhibit or privately offer works from the exhibition for sale for the duration of the exhibition at The Gallery and for one month after the exhibition.

2.3 The Exhibitor acknowledges that while The Gallery will take all due care with works in the exhibition, The Gallery cannot be held responsible for works lost, stolen or damaged during the period of time that the works are held by The Gallery.

2.4 The Exhibitor is encouraged to organise their own insurance, unless agreed otherwise in writing. The Gallery’s insurance does not cover artists’ works against theft, fire, flood loss or damage whilst on premises.

2.5 The Exhibitor is encouraged to make use of their social media contacts to promote the exhibition.

2.6 The installation and de-installation is the responsibility of The Exhibitor. A Gallery staff member will be available to assist The Exhibitor during the exhibition installation and de-installation.

2.7 The Exhibitor agrees to bring The Gallery to its original condition and to pay for any alterations or damage to The Gallery. Any repair works required will be carried out by The Gallery’s preferred contractor.

2.8 The Exhibitor is responsible for all transport costs to and from the gallery, unless agreed otherwise in writing.