MAY 14, 2020

Virtual Exhibition

This collection invites you to move beyond sometime superficial person-to-person connections and explore connectedness through the feelings invoked by the natural beauty of the world in which we exist.

Marcus Bell, Waiting 0112

Marcus Bell

A multi-award winning and highly acclaimed photographer, best known for his outstanding wedding photography, ranking him one of the best in the world.

Marcus’ original passion for the grandeur of landscapes and story-telling of documentary photography saw him defy scope and create something that had never been done before; placing couples in expansive, dramatic landscapes, shooting breathtaking frames that experimented with the element of scale (a style now dubbed “WEDDINGSCAPES”).

Pushing the boundaries with fearless originality, his documentarian approach together with his iconic landscape shots went global, propelling Marcus into the international space, making him one of the most celebrated, awarded and published wedding photographers in the world.

American Photo Magazine listed Marcus as one of the top 10 wedding photographers in the world, while the BBC placed him in the top 5 Masters of Wedding Photography. In Australia he was the youngest photographer ever to be awarded the highest photography accolade in the country, the title “Grand Master” by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP). He has been honoured with a Fellowship by the Master Photographers Association (MPA) in the United Kingdom and granted his Masters with Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) in America. Marcus has also been named Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year three times and his international awards include the highly coveted Grand Award for Photojournalism at the WPPI Awards in the USA, and the prestigious International Wedding Print of the Year at the Prix de la Photographie in Paris. He has also been recognised by industry leading companies such as Nikon, Epson, Sandisk, Eizo, X-rite and Wacom, who have all chosen Marcus to be a brand ambassador for their products.

Bell is the author of bestseller “Masters Guide to Wedding Photography” – a bible to many wedding photographers.

Marcus’ natural ability to capture the spirit and character of the people and places he photographs is very much influenced by his own life experiences, moments that have shaped who he is as a person. His work is powerful, dramatic and emotive, and speaks to human connections – connections to nature, to each other and to our own histories and human spirit.

Bell lives and works in Brisbane, Australia, where in 1998 he established STUDIO IMPRESSIONS, a collective of like-minded creatives, with Marcus Bell at the helm. 

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