MAUD DarkroomART is a Gallery run Darkroom facility for Black and White film processing and printing and is available for hire to members of  MAUD | DART only. Members can book the darkroom online or by emailing us:

If you are interested in becoming a MAUD | DART  member, please email us with your request. The membership will ensure that you are familiar with the equipment, able to work in the darkroom without supervision and that you are aware of the health risks associated with working with darkroom chemicals.
MAUD | DART membership will not only give you access to our darkroom, but also discount prices for film, papers, chemicals, 2 free hours in the darkroom and priority notification of various workshops before the general public announcement, and discounted rates for selected workshops.
Darkroom hire rates include limited supply of ILFORD chemistry for film processing and printing, (a packet of ID11 developer to make up 1lt, stop bath and fixer) but excludes papers and negative sleeves. Extra chemistry can be purchased in the darkroom if needed.
The darkroom is equipped with BW Film Processing tanks for 35mm and 120mm film rolls, film drying cabinet, enlargers for 4×5, 6×6 and 35mm printing, various sizes of processing trays, up to 20×30″, and a heat press for fibre prints.
Membership fee structure is $85 joining fee and $35 per year thereafter, ($75/ $30 Concession).
Booking rates per person @ $25 per hour

Prices exclude GST.

Concession rate applies to Full-time Student Card holders and Healthcare Card holders and includes discounts on all consumables.
The darkroom is capped at 2 people per session. Single bookings are possible at an extra charge. Please contact us for rates.
Booking can be made 3 days prior and payment will be required upon entry to the darkroom. Credit cards or Eftpos payments are welcome.
If you are interested in film processing and printing, but have no previous or limited experience, we are able to set you up in one of our start up workshops or a private session catering for your needs. Just let us know when you’d like to start. Our coming workshops are listed on our website.
By offering various workshops for BW film processing and printing, we cater for photographers of all levels of experience.
We have teamed up with ILFORD for supplies of all chemistry, papers and film. We also have a supply of FOMA papers and film. All stock is available to the public at regular prices and at a discount to members.

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