_LHI3413 F 3000px portraitIrena Prikryl’s creative talent has been nurtured since her childhood in the Czech Republic, where, from an early age, she studied under one of Europe’s most academically recognised and highly accomplished artists — the painter, graphic artist and illustrator Jan Jůzl (1905-1976).

Her love of creative pursuits led to her graduating in Fine Arts and Textiles, with her passion for the disciplines resulting in an award-winning fashion design career, spanning 35 years and two continents. The thirst for exciting and innovative artistic endeavours has always played a big role in Irena’s life. More recently, meeting Christian Fletcher, one of Australia’s most highly regarded landscape photographers, inspired her to explore photography as another fulfilling creative medium.

Irena uses the medium format Hasselblad film camera and the digital Canon 5DMKIII to capture depictions of travel, people and their cultures, landscapes and architecture. With the benefits of her fine art background, she now creates outstanding black and white images, as seen through the eye of the artist. This passion for fine art photography was the motivating force that led to the establishment of Maud Creative studio/gallery in Brisbane.

Photography awards: