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Brisbane’s Premier Photographic Art Gallery, The Maud Street Photo Gallery was officially opened by Dr. Les Walkling (Ph.D., D.F.A.) on February 8th, 2014

“The birth of a new gallery is always a wonderful occasion. Creative spaces that encourage and engage our finest thoughts, deeds and actions, are still in terribly short supply. We desperately need these spaces; speculative, magical spaces where our ideas and ideals can roam free and collide with other imaginations, hopes and dreams. So it is with enormous pleasure that I declare this inspiring gallery, and it’s inaugural exhibitions, open”.

Dr Les Walkling
8 February 2014

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Brisbane’s Premier Photographic Art Gallery, The Maud Street Photo Gallery is located in the heart of Newstead, Brisbane, which is just a stone’s throw away from the Brisbane CBD and the bustling Valley area. The gallery is closely affiliated with Queensland Centre for Photography, an institution that provides photographic facilities and education to the photographic community.

Our gallery was founded out of a deep appreciation for the art of fine art photography. We provide a contemporary space for showcasing works by award-winning photographers. We also support emerging talents. Our sleek, modern gallery features white walls, floors, and ceilings, complete with original steel trusses. This results in a stunning atmosphere to enjoy and admire photographic art.

The gallery has 34 linear meters of wall hanging space, which can be doubled up if needed. The ceiling height is 5.5 meters. We also have a smaller exhibition space of approximately 15 linear meters in front of the main gallery. Additionally, two large movable walls can be used in the main gallery. This can add another 12 linear meters of wall hanging. We offer ample seating throughout the gallery, encouraging quiet contemplation of the displayed art. 

Gallery layout

We welcome exhibition submissions year-round through our PROPOSED EXHIBITION FORM. Submissions are reviewed by a committee consisting of the Gallery director and a team of three industry professionals.  A typical review period is around two months. Consideration for works to exhibit at the gallery is based on their artistic merit, exhibition size, and whether they have been previously exhibited in Brisbane.

If required, our gallery can provide curatorial services. Please email us for our gallery hire rates, commission rates, curatorial rates, and other services that we offer. We look forward to welcoming you to The Maud Street Photo Gallery | Brisbane’s Premier Photographic Art Gallery in Brisbane where photographic artistry comes to life.