A devotee to photography, Honza took his first photographs on a bridge in mid-sized city in Australia with old SLR re-built in the mid nineties by his best mate Peter, himself a DOP/cinematographer from before the digital age.

A lifelong traveller and designer, Honza’s images are an attempt to give meaning to his travels beyond each journey’s primary purpose. Working strictly with film his work aims to convey realness beyond the pixels we’re used to in everyday life. The focus of his works is primarily landscapes and moments in his travels that he tries to observe rather than simply be part of.

Being born in 1982 and enjoying a successful career in fashion design has given Honza a unique perspective, witnessing the rise of the digital age in his formative years whilst being a child of the analogue era. His work in fashion is definitely rooted in the physical world yet its expressions are ever changing and evolving into a digital conundrum.

A family background of influences in fashion, photography and graphic design; a sense of adventure was instilled early on and has led Honza to seek out objects, images and experiences that invigorate and inspire. Honza hopes to contribute to that catalogue.