Lumen Prints

Lumen Prints: A Camera-less Photographic Process

In a world where digital photography is dominant, it’s easy to forget the magic of traditional photographic processes. This technique is also known as solar photograms. It offers a chance to step back in time and create beautiful camera-less photographic images.

This technique was first introduced in the early 19th century by William Henry Fox Talbot, the inventor of the photographic negative. It involves placing objects or negatives onto photographic paper or film and exposing it to sunlight. The UV light from the sun causes the paper to darken, leaving behind a silhouette of the object or negative.

The tutor, Shehab Uddin, is an award-winning photographer, who offers a hands-on workshop that combines the traditional and digital processes to create stunning artwork using traditional photographic paper/film and UV light from the Queensland sun. You will also learn how to fix the prints using an analog photographic process and scan them to create digital versions of the Lumen Prints.


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