Silver gelatin printing

This darkroom workshop is an excellent opportunity for advanced students to enhance their skills and delve deeper into the art of silver gelatin printing. This hands-on workshop is designed for only one or two participants, ensuring personalized attention and a tailored curriculum to meet your specific interests and skill level.

During the workshop, the tutors will guide you through the process of silver gelatin printing, including techniques such as dodging and burning, contrast control, and other secrets to achieve the perfect print. You will learn how to enlarge and print your photographs in the darkroom, and how to manipulate the shadows and highlights to create stunning and dramatic images.

The tutors will also be available to answer any questions and offer guidance throughout the workshop. If you have any specific questions or areas of interest, be sure to come prepared to make the most out of the experience.

The workshop will cover everything from the basics of silver gelatin printing to the nuances of fine art silver gelatin printing. This includes topics such as paper selection, toning, and other advanced techniques that can take your prints to the next level. The workshop will provide ample time for you to practice your newly acquired skills and produce your own prints to take home.

In today’s digital age, darkroom printing is a rare and unique art form that requires patience and attention to detail. This workshop provides a hands-on experience that is increasingly difficult to find elsewhere. The personalized instruction and guidance from the tutors will help you perfect your techniques and create stunning, one-of-a-kind prints.

If you are an advanced student looking to expand your knowledge of silver gelatin printing, this workshop is the perfect opportunity for you. The personalized instruction, tailored curriculum, and hands-on experience make it a worthwhile investment in your artistic growth. Sign up today and take your darkroom printing skills to the next level.


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