The workshops program established within The Centre, offers a wide range of photography tutorials,  covering cutting-edge digital technology as well as analog and alternative processes. 


“Technique will be discussed in its relationship to the expression of ideas. The history of photography will be presented closely in terms of its relation to today’s status and tomorrow’s evolution.”

From leaflet New Vision on Photography,

Institute of Design, Chicago, 1946

Lighting 1

Lighting 1


Lighting 2

Lighting 2


Lighting 3

Lighting 3


Lighting 1,2,3

Lighting 1/2/3


light paper space

light, paper, space


Salt prints workshop

Salt prints


Lumen print by Lesley Nicholson

Lumen prints


Marcus Bell Post Production workshop number 2

post production with marcus bell


Traveling the street

Travelling the streets


darkroom workshops

B&W film processing


Darkroom workshop

Darkroom Techniques and Analogue Photography for beginners

From $220


advanced Darkroom Techniques and Analogue Photography

From $280

We provide a high level of technical conceptual competence in photography, catering to beginners, who want to learn basic camera and imaging techniques, as well as experienced photographers who seek to develop higher-level skills in specialized areas. 

The workshops offer both, flexible personalized tuition for individuals, as well as engaging classes for a creative group of people.

Most of our tutors have Ph.D. in visual art and are internationally recognized practitioners and experienced educators who have taught photography at all levels, from community workshops to university education.