A photographic expedition into engagement

Engagement (– to be connected with)

When you are fully engaged during a conversation, when you are facing another person eye to eye, it is at that point; you are able to move from communicating, to connecting with the person with whom you are speaking.

The further you physically move from that position of being engaged face to face, the connectedness is progressively broken to the point where that engagement of two people, no longer exists.

Greg J Smith

Delve into the world of engagement and detachment at MAUD GALLERY from June 5 – 27; the emerging photographic artist, Greg J Smith’s presentation of his first exhibition ‘ENGAGEMENT’.

I first discussed this idea with Irena Prikryl of MAUD GALLERY.

She didn’t say a word for the entire length of the discussion, so I was understandably nervous! he said.

Finally she told me she loved the concept and would be interested in the final product, so I got to work.

The way we connect (or indeed disconnect) with each other in a way that goes beyond words and how we can understand how another person is feeling or thinking within a gesture or expression is something I’ve aimed to capture through 7 pieces that make up ENGAGEMENT, he says.

The opening night will be held at MAUD GALLERY on Friday June 5th, form 6 – 8pm.

RSVP essential. Free entry

For more information contact the gallery via email maudcreative@maud-creative.com

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