Ilford Galerie Prestige, Smooth High Gloss


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Galerie Prestige Smooth High Gloss has an ultra glossy surface on a unique film base creating the look of a metallic media. The dimensionally stable, tear and crease resistant base is coated with a proprietary inkjet receiving layer offering a broad color gamut, instant drying and vibrant colors with real depth. Smooth High Gloss has a universally compatible layer for superior results with both dye and pigment printers. To achieve optimum results when using Smooth High Gloss media, the use of dye inks is recommended. If pigment inks are used they may lead to a matting of the surface in areas of high ink load. Some printers allow the use of gloss optimizers that can reduce this effect. Ilford has, in the design of its ICC profiles, endeavoured to optimise the balance of image quality and surface gloss. Suitable for Epson, Canon and HP inkjet printers
  • Galerie Prestige Smooth High Gloss – 25 sheets of 8.3″ x 11.7″ (21cm x 29.7cm) A4 inkjet photo paper.