with Andrew Cross

Saturday June 9, 2018

3-5pm, free event

RSVP here, seating is limited

A 2 hour presentation including a short audio-visual and followed by Q&A, covering the topic of ‘what is the base of every good design’. From this presentation, you will take home the understanding of why some designs look better than others, and how to make a sound aesthetic decisions before you press the shutter.

These design principles apply to virtually any of the arts. Photography, painting, drawing, illustration, printmaking even sculpture etc., all make use of these techniques.

Following the discussion and illustrations on design, Andy will present an audio-visual titled “Sun Light Magic “, which will demonstrate many of the design principles being applied to image making situations. Sun Light Magic is a folio of images taken over a 20 year period, where the photographer happened to be in the right place at the right time to record dramatic scenes combined with unusual lighting effects. Many of the images have been reproduced as three colour dye transfer prints or carbon prints, which will also be on display. It will provide a rare opportunity to see this type of work.

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Andy Cross is a commercial and industrial photographer residing in Brisbane, Australia. He completed BSc in Optical Engineering and Ba in Fine Art Photography. Andy further studied Fine Art Photography under some of the Master Printers and Photographers in the USA and gained invaluable experience working for Carolina Color and Industrial Light and Magic.

Andy mastered the art of the Dye Transfer and Carbon Printing processes, with which he reproduces his fine art images today. He is the only practitioner of these disciplines in the southern hemisphere and one of only a few left in the world making prints this way. As digital technologies progressed, he digitised as much of these processes as possible, bringing these traditional printing techniques into the 21st century. Andy’s prints can be found in collections of fine art museums, salons and institutions throughout the world.

Andy has studied methods of tone reproduction, lighting and design principles for the last 30 years, and has an in-depth knowledge of how they all integrate and work together. This seminar is focused on design elements and principles, which was a core subject at the QCA Griffith University when Andy was completing his Ba in Fine Art Photography.