LSD workshop #5

TWO LIGHTS HEADSHOT SETUP Quick Lighting Setups for Professional Results. Workshop #5 The series of six LSD (Lighting & Shooting on Display)workshops are primarily aimed at beginner or somewhat intermediate photographers, who want to know how to maximize the use of their flash equipment. The workshops will teach each participant simple lighting patterns and specific editing skills that can be used to achieve professional results very quickly and without a large learning curve. If you want to learn to set up a headshot using two lights, this workshop is for you. The workshops assume that each participant will have a basic knowledge of camera flash and Adobe Photoshop. The workshops are practical and hands-on by design so that each participant can get the experience of setting up and shooting very specific lighting patterns. These lighting setups work with regular flash units as well as studio strobes. Every workshop will be split into 2 parts: The first part will be practical set-up and shoot. The second part will be an editing session using the most current version of Adobe Photoshop, to demonstrate quick editing skills for the photos just shot. The workshops are limited to 12 people maximum and will need a minimum of 6 people to run. The LSD series of workshops (to be booked separately): One Light Headshot Setup – April 21 One Light Low-Key/Dramatic Setup – May 5 One Light High-Key Setup – May 19 Two Light Clean White Background setup – June 2 Two Light Headshot Setup – June 16 Two Light Film Noir/Dramatic setup – June 30 The facilitator for these streamlined workshops is a professional photographer Naz Mulla of Naz Mulla Photography. Naz has been a professional freelance photographer since the mid-1990s. His formative years were spent studying the arts, including fine art, literature, drama, and philosophy. Whilst attending Rhodes University, Naz specialized in a photojournalism degree and was fortunate enough to work in the field as a stringer for a few news agencies after he graduated. After spending a few years in the trenches, shooting news events, conferences, and editorials, Naz took the leap into the world of commercial photography and continued his growth as a visual artist. The opportunities available to him allowed Naz to travel and work in many corners of the world. A few of his cherished assignments include working as a documentary photographer for UNESCO on a health education project, being commissioned and published by the Museum of Central Africa in Belgium on a project focusing on Southern African art and sculpture, photographing the iconic Queen Mary 2 cruise ship whilst she was being built in St Nazaire, France, and, during her inaugural cruise. Naz has been a resident of Brisbane for the last 15 years and continues to work as a freelance photographer. Apart from his daily life as a freelancer, Naz is now working on long-term projects with a variety of subject matters from performance art to the ever-changing world of the urban built environment. His aim is to produce photographs that are historically significant and which tell the cultural story of today.


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