BW film processing workshop

This BW film processing workshop is suited for people with no previous practical processing experience, including those, who might have seen darkroom work done but not had any hands-on engagement. Or people who are seeking a refresh program or update on the process. You will learn how to safely work with chemicals, storing, preparation and disposal. You will learn to load your film into a spiral ready for processing, and how to prepare and process your film. You will learn about temperatures, agitation, washing, and drying. Also, how to store and care for your negatives. Lastly, you will learn how to evaluate your negatives.

This workshop is intended as a ‘see how it’s done’ as well as a ‘do it yourself’ activity.

You are encouraged to bring along a 35mm-24 exposure or 120 exposed undeveloped film, that will be processed by you as part of the workshop.


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