Darkroom series – Part 2

Limited number of 6 participants (min 4) – Demonstration + Practical

In this session you will encounter and experience the Dark Art of PRINTING B&W NEGATIVES. The topics will cover all of the key information required to setup and work in a darkroom making your own prints. You will have a contact print made of the negatives you processed in series 1.

This session is a ‘show and tell’ of the following topics. Handouts and URL links to useful sites are included in the session notes provided.

Who would benefit from this session:

  • People with no previous practical printing experience including those who might have seen darkroom work done but not engaged with it at any significant level
  • Those who may have done darkroom work some time ago and are seeking a refresh program to update them on the contemporary process.

TOPICS: Printing and darkroom

  • Darkroom design for workflow – Wet/Dry
  • Chemicals and handling / Safety
  • Enlargers – What is a good one…?
  • Preparing the darkroom for print-making
  • Making contact and test prints
  • Making the print
  • Density and contrast / using filters
  • Dodge and burn – localised density and contrast control
  • How to minimise spots, marks and scratches
  • Process / wash / dry
  • Using plastic (RC) paper
  • Setting up an impromptu darkroom in a bathroom or laundry

We recommend following with Darkroom Series Part 3: DIY PRINTING.

DATE: Wednesday, November 9, 2016, 6pm – 8.30pm (AEST)

COST: $65 per person (includes 1 contact sheet size 10×8 + chemicals)

BOOKING: Eventbrite