by Mary-Louise Levick

AUGUST 31 – SEPTEMBER 10, 2016


Mary-Louise LevickBrave photographer puts Parkinson’s disease in the picture.

Mary-Louise Levick was diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease at the age of 34.

Following her debut exhibition at Maud Gallery in 2015, Mary-Louise’s second exhibition is again in support of Parkinson’s.

Mary uses her Parkinson’s tremor to her advantage. Combination of light, long exposure and different camera settings produce stunning images. Be it abstract or geometric patterns, they take your breath away. This is not chance photography, as you would first think. Mary chooses her subjects and the locations. She considers the colours. And Mary is aware of the repetitions her tremor will create. Without a doubt, Mary is in control of her art photography.

Mary’s body of work brings something fresh into the art of photography. She has taken what would normally be seen as an impediment in the field of photography and turned it into some great works of art. 

Irena Prikryl, 2015