March 2015

There wouldn’t too many people in the photographic industry in Australia and New Zealand who wouldn’t know Tony Hewitt – Grand Master Photographer, Motivator, Educator, Public speaker; man of many admirable talents.

Tony Hewitt is no stranger to Maud Creative Gallery, having exhibited his works here with the ND5 group in the past.  We are proud to present their work once again, this time showcasing two separate exhibitions – NORTH and EAST.

NORTH and EAST are the latest bodies of work by Ninety Degrees Five (ND5), a unique collaboration between four photographers, Les Walkling, Tony Hewitt, Christian Fletcher, Peter Eastway and filmmaker Michael Fletcher. Prior to this, ND5 worked on The Pilbara Project, South West Light, and Shark Bay Inscription. 

NORTH features large scale photographic works from the spectacular north-eastern Kimberley region, the most northern boundary of Western Australia, while EAST showcases works from the stunningly beautiful Lord Howe Island, which is also the most eastern boundary of New South Wales. 

Both are also places of extremes, in climate and distance and cultural dislocation, of boundaries and edges, between near and far, solid and liquid, weight and weightlessness, hot and cold, dry and wet, and the divisions between ourselves and the rest of the world, and that fragile line of habitation that encrusts but doesn’t define our nation.

The works also seek to encourage and reinforce concern for the fate of the earth and our responsibility to act on that awareness, about environmental injustice, and the importance of vision and imagination in changing minds, lives, and policy as well as composing words, poems and pictures. In rethinking environmental aesthetics and the role that works of art, especially photographs, can play in this debate, the time will come when we ask of any encounter, ‘not what does this say about us, but what does this say about our environment?’  

Deeply personal and speculative pictures dominate both bodies of work, not only to reinforce the importance and priority of individual experience, but also the efficacy of collectives and collaborations. ND5’s latest video works will be screened during the exhibition, and a one day workshop will be held on Saturday 28th March demonstrating how the images were conceived, constructed and resolved, as well as the roles they play in our lives, desires and debates.

Opening night of the NORTH and EAST exhibitions being held on Friday March 27th, 6-8pm.

Leigh Diprose of FStop Lounge caught up with Tony in preparation for their upcoming photographic workshop in Fiji : 

Interview with Tony Hewitt


March 10, 2014

2016 Shark Bay Exhibition continues…

Good news for all Brisbanites – the Shark Bay exhibition is staying on; whilst we welcomed 162 visitors during the exhibition time, so many people wished they could come back and bring their friends to see it, but ran out of time. So your wish to continue the exhibition has been granted.

The Queensland Photography Festival is on during month of April and Maud Creative is participating as one of the venues, and after that we will close the exhibition on May 24.

 New Gallery Opening Hours:

Wednesday – Friday: 10am – 5pm

Saturday: 11am – 4pm


February 12, 2014

MAUD CREATIVE GALLERY was officially opened by Dr Les Walkling (Ph.D, D.F.A.) on February 8th, 2014.

“The birth of a new gallery is always a wonderful occasion. Creative spaces that encourage and engage our finest thoughts, deeds and actions, are still in terribly short supply. We desperately need these spaces; speculative, magical spaces where our ideas and ideals can roam free and collide with other imaginations, hopes and dreams. So it is with enormous pleasure that I declare this inspiring gallery, and it’s inaugural exhibitions, open.”

Dr Les Walkling
8 February 2014
Maud Creative



January 10, 2014

Happy New Year 2014 – The year has only just started and we are already super-busy. Finishing the gallery extension just in time for the ND5 group 2016 Shark Bay exhibition opening on February 8th.

We are doubling the gallery size to accommodate larger exhibitions and events.

The portable walls have just gone up as well, which now gives us the option to create individualised spaces, suitable for smaller exhibitions, workshops, lectures and various events.




December 2013

2013 International Loupe Awards – the judging of this years’ entries is finished,

The 2013 International Loupe Awards was established in 2008 with a mission beyond that of most photographic competitions:

To deliver opportunities that ensure wider exposure for photographers and allow them to gauge the perception of their work on the world stage.

…the judges – all high-profile photographic identities – are selected from 10 countries across the globe and were assessing more than 4,800 individual entries from 103 different countries. [The International Aperture Awards]

Not an easy task by any means and Maud Creative would like to congratulate all awarded photographers. We are especially proud to showcase in our Gallery number of images that received numerous awards.

In the Science and Nature category, John Wiseman received two GOLD, one SILVER and one BRONZE with his stunning images of Hummingbirds from Costa Rica. These Limited Edition images are proudly displayed and available in Maud Creative Gallery. Printed on Archival Centurion Metalic photo paper and beautifuly framed in Belini Fine Art Moulding with 4ply Museum Grade Rag Matt, they are signed and numbered by the artist.

In the Landscape category, Irena Prikryl was awarded one SILVER and three BRONZE awards for her Black & White architectural images. These Limited Edition images are printed on Canson Platine Cotton Rag Paper, framed under 4ply Museum Quality Solid Core Rag Matt, hinged to Acid-free backing and finished with fine Lacquered Wallnut frame. These are also signed and numbered by the artist.

You can also view these stunning images in the artists portfolio on our website. Please join us again in congratulating to the awarded artists.

Stay tuned for more news from Maud Creative.