MARCH 30-31

At the end of last year, we have sent a limited seats call-out, to gauge the interest in a Large Format Camera and Photography workshop. To those who registered – thank you. We were overwhelmed by the response, resulting in having people on a waiting list. The workshop is now going ahead on March 30 and 31. Please book your tickets early, seating is limited so don’t miss out.

We have since then refined and finalised the details for the workshop, and here is a broader content of the two-day workshop, presented by Andrew Cross:

  • Different types of large format cameras
  • The advantages and disadvantages of using a large format camera
  • A break down of the various parts
  • A checklist of the procedure in using a large format camera
  • Focusing a large format camera
  • Determining the correct exposure
  • Loading film holders
  • Making the exposure
  • Examples of colour and B&W transparencies made on the large format camera

In addition to the above, we will be talking about the use of large format cameras and various accessories that enhance the large format photography.
There will be a simple still life or a portrait shoot session on the second day of each workshop and your negative from this session will be processed in our darkroom, and the processing technique will be covered. This is a hands on session, you will need to bring your own camera, lenses and accessories if you have one, or you can just watch and learn as Andy demonstrates the set out of the camera and the use.

With this information you will be able to COMPOSE, FOCUS and OPTIMALLY EXPOSE a negative, using the large format camera and DEVELOP the negative as well.

And wait, there is more!
An exhibition of large format photography by a multi-award winning world leading professional photographer Alex Buckingham will be on the walls. Negatives, transparencies, contact prints, digitised framed finished art… you name it, it will be there. 

About Andrew Cross – Optical engineer with BA in Photography at QCA, Master of Dye Transfer process and tri-colour carbon printing. Andy is the official authenticator of contemporary dye transfer prints from Eliot Porter’s images for the Porter estate. Andy’s dye transfer and tri-colour carbon work has been exhibited in America and is included in significant private and public collections. 

Morning tea, coffee, biscuits and water will be provided, BYO lunch. Street parking is available or there is Pay by Phone carpark in Maud Street.


All enquiries to either or  or phone Mark Burgin 0411859459

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