The gallery has 32 linear meters of wall hanging space, which can be used for double hanging if needed. Ceiling height is 5.5m. 

In addition, two large movable walls can be used in the gallery, adding another 12 linear meters of hanging wall space. 

Contemporary leather seating is provided throughout the gallery to encourage quiet contemplation of the displayed art.

Submissions are accepted anytime during the year by filling out the PROPOSED EXHIBITION FORM and are reviewed by a committee consisting of the Gallery director and a team of 3 industry professionals. Submissions are generally reviewed within two months of receiving them.  Consideration for works to exhibit at the gallery is based on artistic merit, exhibition size and whether the art had been previously exhibited in Brisbane. 

The Gallery can also provide curatorial services if required. Please email us for gallery hire rates, commission rates, curatorial rates and other services that we can offer.