Jeff Moorfoot OAM

July 9 – 31, 2022

Jeff Moorfoot’s ‘conTEXT’ presents a tongue-in-cheek dialogue between image and text, bringing together several discrete bodies of work in a broad pastiche of pictures + words. 

As Moorfoot says “any art that doesn’t offend someone, somewhere at some time, ain’t art – it’s decor!”

Jeff Moorfoot

What do a gravedigger, uni lecturer, gardener, festival director, oil rig worker, welder, and a roadie for an Irish pub band all have in common?

Not much really.  Probably nothing at all.

But Jeff Moorfoot OAM has been all of them, AND a professional fine art and advertising photographer for 40+ years.

Jeff combines his broad life experience and penchant for the unusual in conTEXT, his 70th solo photographic exhibition.  conTEXT is a tongue-in-cheek dialogue between image and text, where you see life through Jeff’s eyes while reading his mind at the same time.

As Jeff says: “Art that doesn’t offend someone, somewhere, at some time, ain’t art – it’s decor!”

conTEXT will show at Maud St Gallery from July 9-31, 2022. Visiting times: Thursday/ Friday 1-5 pm, Saturday/ Sunday 11-4 pm. Free entry.

The show will also feature a seminar, where Jeff talks about his work, and the philosophy that guides his ideas – Sunday, July 10, 4-7 pm.

There will also be a two-day intensive hands-on workshop; you will learn Jeff’s unique workflow of creating art using 3D objects and a flat-bed scanner. Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 July. A limited number of participants.

Fully refundable if the event is cancelled. 

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