Saturday November 26

12noon – 4pm

As a final event for MAUD | GALLERY Festival of the Darkroom on November 26 between 12.00 Noon and 4.00pm the Gallery will be converted into a public Camera Obscura. Step inside the camera and join us for a look back to the origins of photography.


Artist talk, 2.30pm

At 2.30pm Photographer Chris Bowes will present a floortalk on his latest body of work, currently displayed in the gallery. The Camera Obscura will be illuminated during Chris’ talk.

Cooper+Spowart: 16 years of Camera Obscura Collaborations

QCP Book SubmissionIn our collaborative work, we are interested in both the physical construct and cultural conventions that inform and shape us. This includes the common rituals and structures that surround, support and transport us in our everyday lives. In this work we have extended the context of documentary photographic methodology to include the narrative potential of the camera obscura and architectural projections. In the camera obscura work the viewer’s perception of the everyday is spatially challenged. The structures that can form camera obscura are everywhere, but some spaces present themselves as clearly suitable for the making. This could be a city office, a motel room, a country bathroom or even a car. Our work attempts to contextualize the experience of the camera obscura within a concept, space or site. Upon entering the darkened space, the viewer is initially displaced, as the familiar image of the everyday is dim and unrecognizable. Then after time spent in the camera obscura, the image becomes clearer and the familiar is re-established ultimately resulting in a relocation of the observer’s awareness of place. – Cooper+Spowart

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