9 Ante portas



AUGUST 6TH, 2016 @ 6pm

9 ANTE PORTAS was at its inception in 2008 a group of nine talented women friends who, as the name suggests, were ‘before the gates’ of their new, post-mothering lives….as artists in various forms.

8 years and 8 annual 9 ANTE PORTAS art shows later their goal remains intact, their art has grown out of sight and through it, many of their dreams have been realised.

Significantly, 8 different charities have benefitted from their generosity.

The 9 ANTE PORTAS annual art show in Brisbane is firmly embedded in the Exhibition Week calendar of social events. In 2016 they have pleasure in inviting all and sundry to witness their collective and truly gorgeous art at their 9th Art Exhibition, to be held at Maud Gallery in Newstead.

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©jane grieve – writer – 9 ante portas

Binnie Donovan

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Chrissie Higgins

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Louise Durack

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Lyndall Calcraft

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Peta Trude

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Susan McConnel

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